5 street food trends autumn/winter 2020 – ideas for your menu

You’re working on your street food concept and are looking for ideas for the menu of your street food trailer?

The composition of your menu should be well thought out – after all, it is the key for the success of your food truck! The menu represents your creativity and the identity of your food trailer and creates customer experiences. It is therefore crucial that you choose your menus in such a way that you and your target group are reflected in them. It’s all about creating a unique offer and perhaps even trying something new.

Are you looking for inspiration for autumn/winter dishes? We have found 5 unique street food dishes from around the world for you:

Okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese potato fritter © PR Image Factory –

Okonomiyaki – A pancake with the risk of addiction

Okonomiyaki is a hearty pancake dish from Japan. Okonomiyaki means nothing else than “fry anything you feel like”, which is probably why the dish is often called “Japanese pizza”. It is a grilled thin wheat flour cake topped with various toppings, which not only has at least as much addictive potential as pizza, but also arouses the desire to eat outdoors.

There are regional differences in preparation in Japan. Okonomiyaki with a dough of flour, cabbage, egg and fish stock is a particularly tasty variation. The pancake is topped with various ingredients such as pork, vegetables, cheese and shrimp, then fried and served with a spicy sauce made from ketchup, honey, Worcestershire and soy sauce. Okonomiyaki is traditionally prepared on a hot stone plate, but you can also simply fry the pancake in a pan.

Chinkali eine georgische Spezialität
Georgian chinkali, steamed, photo © Sławomir Fajer –
Khachapuri with egg

Chinkali and Khachapuri from Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine brings culinary variety to your plates. Chinkali and Khachapuri are traditional Georgian specialities that have great potential to conquer the local street food scene.

Chinkali are beautifully shaped dumplings filled with minced meat and broth. Visually, Chinkali looks a bit like Chinese dumplings, but are usually much bigger and have a small knob where you hold the dumpling and then bite gently into it, drinking the stock first and then eating the rest. Vegetarian variants with mushrooms are also very tasty and a quickly prepared dish that you can enjoy right on the street.

Another popular dish in Georgia is Khachapuri: cheese in a boat-shaped bread. Traditionally, the ships are made of loose yeast dough and topped with melted cheese, a soft egg and butter. Variations with mozzarella, feta and fresh herbs are also very tasty. In Georgia, Khachapuri is virtually a staple food and is eaten for breakfast, as a snack, starter or main meal. A street food concept that is always in demand 😉

Algae flakes to refine dishes, photo © laplateresca –

Algae-based dishes – Not only something for sushi fans!

Algae have a high content of calcium, phosphorus and iron and also contain a lot of protein and very little fat, which makes seaweed a real superfood and possibly the new kale (green cabbage).

There are several thousand different types of seaweed, which can be prepared in many different ways. With the delicious sea taste of fresh or dried green, red and brown algae, you can easily spice up traditional dishes: salads, smoothies, pasta, casseroles or soups – there are almost no limits to the uses of algae in street food cuisine. For example, delicious vegetable fillings can be wrapped in larger dried algae leaves and then stewed. The perfect snack on the go!

Kothu Roti, a street food classic from Sri Lanka

Kothu Roti – Dine heavenly like in Sri Lan

Kothu Roti is a classic dish from Sri Lanka and still quite unknown in Europe. The name of the popular street food describes what it is all about: Kothu Roti means chopped flat bread and is prepared on a grill plate with two metal spatulas.

Traditionally, a roti (flat bread) is chopped into thin strips with spatulas and fried together with various ingredients such as vegetables, cheese, egg or meat and spices, depending on personal taste. Served with a curry sauce for dipping, the dish invites you to feast and enjoy.

Kurdish Kalāneh made from paper-thin dough patties

Kurdish Kalāneh – A dough pastry that invites you to experiment

Kalāneh is a tasty dough pastry and a typical street food from the Kurdistan region on the border to Iraq. Simple and extremely tasty. For the classic preparation, a flat dough is rolled out very thinly, then spring onions are spread on half of the dough. No other spices are added except salt. The flat cake is then folded in the middle and pressed on the edge.

The resulting dough pouch is then fried on a hot metal plate until the dough is golden brown and crispy. The finished pancake is then spread with melted butter on both sides. The flat cake can be rolled up like a wrap and also tastes delicious with other herbs like chives, wild garlic or garlic, onions and cheese.

The Street Food menu is ready – What next?

We could inspire you? Once you have created your street food menu, the next step is to look for your trusted suppliers who can provide you with high quality food.

Once you have a good idea of how much your ingredients cost, you can set your prices. Here we show you how the price calculation works.

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