walkingboxes brings creative chefs to the streets and their special cuisine to the people.

walkingboxes is a German manufacturer of high-end food and sales trailers. The Berlin-based company was founded by multi-award-winning industrial designer Daniel Lorch and specialises in food trailer solutions made from shipping containers. The type of execution can be individually configured online and then manufactured according to customer requirements.

The special food trailer manufacturer

It is no problem to find a conventional food trailer. However, if you are looking for a sophisticated and more sustainable solution for a food truck project with a unique design and high quality, it becomes difficult. Precisely for this reason, walkingboxes offers the perfect solution for the sophisticated mobile kitchen.

Quality, creativity and sustainability come first

In addition to high quality workmanship, walkingboxes also offers individual configurations in terms of equipment and design. Furthermore, the sales trailers reflect a lifestyle that emphasises the values of creativity, quality and sustainability. All food trailers are predominantly made of recyclable or biodegradable materials. This makes the individual food trailers not only practical, but also stylish and environmentally friendly.

Everything you need for your food truck

For many food truckers, the start of a food trailer or truck is the gateway to a new, but also uncertain future. To support them all along the way, walkingboxes has put together a collection of well-designed accessory products around the street food business. These include ecological workwear, exquisite cookbooks and street food literature.

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