How long are the delivery times for a food trailer with interior fittings?

The average delivery time is 4-5 months.

What does the delivery of a food trailer cost?

The delivery of a food trailer within Germany is € 850 plus 19% VAT (except islands). Deliveries to the EU or Switzerland are also possible on request.

Is it possible to collect the food trailer yourself?

Of course, you can also pick up your food trailer in Berlin after completion, provided you have a valid number plate (e.g. short-term number plate or already registered).


How does the payment work when we order a food trailer from you?

Unless otherwise agreed, a deposit of 50% must be made after the conclusion of the contract. Payment of the remaining full contract price is due as soon as we are ready for delivery.

Do you also offer leasing or hire purchase?

We work together with a leading leasing partner, we are happy to put you in touch if you are interested.


Do you also rent out food trailers?

We currently have one food trailer that we also rent out. For prices and conditions, simply send us an email with the following key data: contact information, period of use, location, occasion

Where are the food trailers produced?

Our food trailers are manufactured exclusively in the EU and Germany. The individual interior fittings are carried out in Berlin.

What kind of towing vehicle is needed to pull the food trailers?

This depends on the size of the food trailer and the weight of your interior fittings. Be sure to plan for a sufficient permissible towing capacity for your towing vehicle – at least 300 kg above the weight of the trailer (incl. interior fittings). In most cases, we recommend towing vehicles with a permissible trailer load of 3000–3500 kg. Below you will find the average weights of the following food trailer sizes with interior fittings: walkingbox S: Ø 1800–2200 kg / walkingbox M: Ø 2250–2700 kg / walkingbox L: Ø 2700–3200 kg

What driving licence is required to pull a walkingboxes food trailer?

In most cases, you need a BE driving licence, also called a trailer driving licence. With a BE, you are allowed to move a total permissible mass of seven tonnes. Both the towing vehicle and the food trailer may weigh up to 3.5 tonnes each. Unlike the class B car driving licence, the BE trailer driving licence requires neither theory lessons nor a theory test. However, at least five compulsory driving hours are required. The practical test for the BE class lasts 45 minutes.

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