Our food truck workshop in Berlin is also at your disposal for repairs, extensions or the renovation of your food truck or food trailer. A sales vehicle is often exposed to high loads due to regular use, so that wear and tear of equipment, vehicle or similar can occur again and again.

Often, however, there is also the desire to realign some things in the mobile kitchens and the expansion due to a change in the food concept or owner of the food truck. Smart kitchen planning is indispensable to ensure smooth food preparation and serving. Here, too, we are happy to help with optimisation suggestions and, of course, expert execution.

Food truck kitchen technology - equipment and assembly from a single source
A tank system with pressure pump and boiler makes water mobile

Our range of workshop services includes:

  • Kitchen technology

  • Mobile gas, electrical and water installations

  • Exhaust air systems

  • Customised stainless steel furniture

  • General interior finishing work

  • Transport-safe assembly of all furniture and appliances

  • Bodywork

  • Film wrapping, signs, illuminated advertising and general exterior design of sales vehicles

  • Kitchen planning

  • Maintenance work

Foodtruck electrics are available from us with E-check and test report
Large-area film application on trapezoidal structure

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