… and this is our story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours started out like this: My mother needed a small food trailer to open a Korean food truck with her friends. In the late 70s she came from Korea to South Germany and for many years she wanted to introduce her traditional Korean cuisine and her culture to the people in Germany. On our food truck search, however, we quickly realised that the market for food trailers and sales vehicles did not offer any suitable and sustainable solution.


We had to create our own design

The food theme offered a good break from everyday design work and so we brought our own draft to paper in our design studio.  A steel shipping container provided the perfect basis. The industrial design is as stylish as it is practical. The steel containers are robust and durable, but if they should become obsolete, they can be recycled. My 70 year old mother put her food truck project on hold and decided to enjoy her retirement instead. But our passion was ignited and so we developed the design further. As Since we were overwhelmed with positive feedback we decided to realise a first prototype.

“There is nothing complicated about it. walkingboxes is about good design and high manufacturing quality, offered to those who want to inspire with their culinary creations.”

Daniel Lorch, Founder

The first prototype

The prototype could be viewed in Berlin. Visitors came from all over Germany and Switzerland and only a few weeks later we received the first orders. The food trailer made of a shipping container meets the high quality requirements of professional gastronomy. It also reflects the values of the street food scene, i.e. good design, sustainability and individuality. From the very beginning, food truckers who share our values have been more important to us than just the plain sales figures.

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